Pool equipment repair service


WRX Pool Cleaning Services offers affordable pool pump repair anywhere in Orlando area. You can count on us for pool heater maintenance. As well as a complete pool automation system repair.

Our pool equipment repair service includes a plan choice or specific repairs. For example, we can fix your broken tubes and pipes. Or you can choose a weekly pool cleaning service for optimal maintenance

Whether it is a new or old installation, your swimming pool or spa deserves professional cleaning. If your pool system demands brushing, vacuuming, and filter cleaning, we have all the right tools for a fast cleaning service.


Residential pool automation system maintenance


Water chemistry is a critical factor in pool maintenance. After all, the chemical balance is what prevents chlorine from hurting your eyes and skin.


WRX Pool Cleaning Services makes sure that your pool automation system works flawlessly. Then again, our pool inspection will include monitoring each crack, pool heater, filter, ladder, or grab rail. So, you can use your pool safely every time you want.


Our licensed, insured team will provide reliable pool equipment repair. Plus, a long-lasting seal service. Contact our friendly customer service to request a free quote for a custom service.


Why choose WRX Pool Cleaning Services?


We are a family-owned business with two important certifications. In fact, the ASAPP certification proves our effort in continuous learning. Our specialists undergo pool and spa maintenance workshops regularly. So, you can trust our services to use the latest and safest products and techniques.


Then again, the CPO (Certified Pool and Spa Operator) certification ensures our ability in pool and spa calculations. At the end of each shift, we will let you know if your pool needs more water. Alternatively, we will create a custom report and leave you a note.


pool heater repair service


As professionals, we use high-quality spare parts and replacements. But our services do not cost a fortune. In fact, we charge you a fair and reasonable fee.


You can request a free quote at any time. As a result, we will send you a detailed price list for each part or service we provide. We will never charge you for more than that. And if upon inspection we find more issues, we will make sure to let you know the cost before taking any action.