Terms & Conditions

Homeowner Responsibilities

  1. Keep your water level. Low water level can result in equipment failure and can be costly to repair.

  2. Keep your skimmer baskets as empty as possible. If your yard has a lot of falling leaves or debris that gets into the pool between weekly service visits take a moment to periodically clean your skimmers. This goes a very long way to keeping a clear and clean pool by keeping a free flowing water circulation

  3. Never add any chemicals to the water yourself unless you consult with your pool tech first.

  4. If you are planning a big party with heavy pool use, please let your tech know in advance so that they can better prepare the water for the heavy bather load. Low water

level can result in equipment failure and can be costly to repair.


Home owners are responsible for access to the backyard. If we cannot gain access to your backyard that service week will be skipped without credit for that week of service.


You will receive your monthly invoice around the 5th of each month. We are invoicing you for the current month that we are servicing. Just like your poll to be serviced each week in a timely manner, we require timely payment. Payments are due by the last day from the current month for which service is performed. Payment is late if not received 10 days after due date.

INVOICE DATE: January 5th for January pool service

SERVICE DUE DATE: January 31th


A late fee of U$ 20.00 will be applied if complete payment is not received 10 days

after the due date.

A Bank return check fee of U$12.00 will be applied to all returned checks.

WRX SERVICES offer different types of payment:

Phone / Online(paypal) / Check by mail



Service can be suspended after due date and your balance along with all applicable re-activation fees, will have to be paid to re-start the service. Either you or we can cancel service at any time by providing 30 days’ notice. We reserve the right to cancel service without notice if you do not make payment(s) as agreed.

An invoice that is 45 days overdue will be passed on to a debt collection agency.



Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain your pool on a certain day of the week, every week. There will not be any kind of compensation or refund or rescheduling of service due to any act of nature which prevents us from servicing your pool on your regularly scheduled day. If it is thundering, having a pole in our hand is not a good idea so this means we will not brush, skim or vacuum for safety reasons. We will still empty all collection baskets, check and treat water chemistry and make sure the equipment is working properly.



We don’t service on holidays that fall on a week day, such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving. Your pool will be left with enough chemicals to maintain the proper balance.



Most pool service companies charge on a weekly basis (52 weeks/year); however, we charge a flat monthly rate (48 weeks/year). There are two weeks per year that your pool will not be serviced and the monthly rate will not be adjusted. These weeks include:

The week between Christmas and New Years as we take this time to spend with our families.

An additional week which you will be notified of in advance. Your pool will be left with enough chemicals to maintain the proper balance. We are always accessible by phone if an emergency arises.

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