Pool Salt System


A saltwater pool is a great alternative to an ordinary chlorine pool. Although it does not need chlorine tablets.


the saltwater pool has ten times less salt than the ocean. There is around 3,500 ppm salinity in a saltwater pool, while there is 35,000 ppm in the ocean. The vast majority of pool owners find this type of pool less harsh on their skin, eyes, and hair than a traditional chlorine pool.


Saltwater pools are becoming the number one choice at resorts, cruise ships, and hotels. However, you can also choose to have a saltwater pool in the coziness of your own home with the help of WRX Pool Cleaning Service.


Pool Salt System Benefits


1. Less maintenance


If you choose to install the saltwater system, pool maintenance is way simpler. However, saltwater pools still need some chlorine, but in minimal quantities. What's best about saltwater pools is that salt cells produce chlorine as needed. But you are still going to need to pay attention to chlorine levels from time to time to ensure everything works properly.

2. They are gentler


Say goodbye to itchy skin and red eyes. Lower chlorine levels are ideal for people with sensitive skin and those who hate red eyes.


3. Softer water


Saltwater pools are in charge of making the water feel silky and smooth as opposed to the chlorinated water's abrasive feel.


4. More cost-effective


Although at first glance they seem a more expensive choice because of purchasing a saltwater generator, saltwater pools, in the long run, are definitely cost effective. When you choose a saltwater pool, you can forget about buying expensive chemicals daily.


5. It can reduce stress/anxiety


There is a good reason why saltwater therapy is so effective and popular. Saltwater is not just good for our bodies, but it is also outstanding for our minds by helping us to alleviate anxiety and everyday stress.


6. Saltwater pools relieve joints and sore muscles


If you have ever heard of bath bombs and salt baths, you have probably also heard of saltwater benefits for our muscles.


7. It is an environmentally friendly option


Your health is not the only aspect advantaging from the saltwater pool. Saltwater pools are better for the environment as well! The strong chlorine smell that we find in traditional pools is the result of chloramines. Although these keep your pool clean, they also emit gas, polluting the environment.


Pool Salt System Installation


As we said, the saltwater system can be considered as a large initial investment. Anyhow, the money you will save on chlorine and regular cleaning, the saltwater system will definitely pay for itself.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call WRX Pool Cleaning Service experts at (321) 430-0200 and get more info about pool salt systems.